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Thibaud Reunion 2008

Volume 9

January 21, 2008
Volume 9
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Our journey continues
South Florida makes huge donation
Official Reunion launching
New York Committee's Valentine's Day fundraiser
Reunion songs
Boat ride and more

Happy New Year to all

We thank God for making it through another year. We are very grateful for all his blessings and for allowing us to be able to help others. We thank him for those who have been instrumental in helping to bring our people together for one cause to help better our community.

In this year of Reunion for our country at large we are proud that Thibaud is playing a significant role. We have the priveledge to be the ones to climax all the reunions with a traditional Dominican Christmas celebration.  Not only is Thibaud going to be the place to be this Christmas season, it is a place to come and get inspired. With all the projects and celebrations that are set to take place in Thibaud, the whole country will rejoice in Thibaud for bringing back Christmas “as it used to be” and what it is today.  

We are on our way

Whoever thought that reunion plans which started in August of 2006 would have turned into something so big and so inspirational.  We are very proud of our people, and if anyone could do it we the Thibaud community both at home and abroad could. Christmas 2008 seems so far away when this reunion plans started, and now it is almost upon us. With the official launching of Thibaud Reunion  2008, this February, we have committed ourselves to seeing the whole thing through. Special thanks are extended to Thibaud persons throughout the Diaspora, who have worked hard and passionately to continue to bring the committees together to share ideas, volunteer their times, raise funds and send products home to make this reunion a success.  You have all selflessly played your part and continue to play a part in making Thibaud Reunion a monumental event. Without your dedication, we would not be so organized and committed to the Reunion. Many form neighbouring villages, even those having reunions this year, have expressed how organized, and involved  the Thibaud community is, and for that our dear Thibaud people we thank you.

We thank you for coming together and uniting your efforts to see this reunion through. We would like to extend a sincere Thank You to Mrs. Theresa Royer, the Reunion Coordinator in Thibaud, and the rest of the executive committee, and Trevor Victor the coordinator for the committees abroard.  We also extend a special Thank you to John Bruney and his Florida community for leading the fund raising drive, and exceeding our expectations. We want to thank the St. Croix committee for continuing to raise funds and share the word with everyone who would listen. New York, thanks for getting so much done in such a short period of time. Your energy and enthusiam will pay off. We want to express a sincere welcome and thank you to our new committees: Guadeloupe, lead by Mitchel Jemodois Bontiff and Madona Paul, St. Maarten, led by Anthony Bontiff, Philip Thomas, June Panthier and Germine Thomas, London led by Vida Clarke and Mervin John, who have all started to  mobilize and get involved in making this Reunion great. Those of you who do not belong to a committee but continue to email your ideas, and share your comments with us, we thank you. Even those who may not be taking the trip home during Christmas 2008, but have expressed to help in any other capacity, we thank you.



Out with Old in with the new

By Tessa Paul

The South Florida Group wasted no time with the planning of Thibaud’s first Reunion. First and for most the ( SFG ) wish to  give God all the glory for allowing us to see a new year and to be able to accomplish the reunion projects  for Thibaud.   On January 6th, 2008, the group had its first meeting for the New Year, and they are pleased to welcome two new members to its organization.  We are also extremely privileged and honored to donate the sum of $3000.00 thousand U.S dollars toward the opening ceremony in February. In addition, to the monetary donation, we provided the Thibaud Reunion Committee with a “19” inch Plasma TV for raffling, and decorations for the Valentine Day Dinner.  The reunion spirit is still going strong with the South Florida Group. As one member, noted, “let us give our village the best launching ever”. We will also be hosting a fundraising barbeque on Feb, 16th at Roselyn Lockart starting at 4pm.


Launching of Thibaud Reunion

The Thibaud Reunion Launching will take place at Thibaud on Sunday, February 3rd, at 1:30 p.m.  There will be speeches, from the community as well as government officials including our Parliamentary Representative and Prime Minister of Dominica, The Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit.  There will also be a parade through the village, where the Reunion pageants, flag wavers, cheerleaders, and other people within the community will pe part of. Some of the international Committees are sending delegates to represent them, and show their support to the Thibaud community.  The South Florida Committee sent the Thibaud Reunion Committee $3000 to help with the launching as well as a plasma television to raffle during the festivities.  The New York team has sponsored the uniforms, pom poms, billboards, some of  decorations.  Other committees have also contributed in various ways towards the launching.

The launching will be broadcast on Kairi FM and Marpin TV.

Please click on the link to see the press release.

Reunion launching press release

New York Committee's fundraiser
The Thibaud Village Education Fund/Reunion 2008 Valentine fundraiser will be held on Saturday, February 16th 2008 at 8 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Pearl Cannoville Douglas and Dr. Montgomery Douglas, in Hewlett Harbour, New York. Tickets are $25. per person. Anyone wishing to attend is welcome to call or email Mrs. Douglas for more information at or 646-734-9599. Dress code is classy chic. Please come prepared to dance the night away.
The last fundraiser held at the Wagner/Andre's residence raised hundreds of dollars towards the education project as well as the launching of the Reunion. Although New York started its fundraising drive recently, the main goal is to continue to make generous contributins to the education project especially the preschool.

Reunion songs unveiled

What better time to launch the Thibaud Reunion theme song than at the official launching of the Thibaud Reunion. Reign Jah band out of New York, whose members were born in Thibaud, has produced and recorded 2 wonderful Reunion songs. Although the CDs have sold out twice in Thibaud, the songs will be officially launched at the Reunion Launching on February 3rd. To sample the songs connect to our home page as well as the calendar page on this website. The CDs are available through the various reunion committees, and are 5.00 in whatever currency you use. Please contact your leaders or Mr. Trevor Victor at for CDs.

Boat Ride
The Transportation Committee, a sub committee of the Thibaud Reunion Committee, will be hosting a boat ride. According to Mr. Alexis George, the committee's leader, the boat ride will a festive ride. It will commence at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday the 26th of January, and will start at Cabrits and end at Scott Head. Tickets are $100. So far sales for the ride have been strong.
Anyone needing tickets are ask to contact, Mr. Lipson Massicot at 767.613.5775 or Mr. Alexis George, or Mrs. Theresa Royer  at 767.445.5998.

Christmas 2008