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Thibaud Reunion 2008

Health Symposium

Health Symposium information 
By Arlette Paul

We would like to reach as many people as possible and the most important part of the symposium is that we need the help of some Doctors and Nurse Practitioners who would be willing to give some clinic time to benefit the community.  This symposium will be in 2 parts. The first part is to give information to the community on various health issues as well as conduct various tests. The second part will be to discuss lab test results that will be discussed with the patients and
treatment, teaching and counselling can be delivered to the patients. 

We would also like to advertise the fair/symposium one month in advance so we can get a good turn out.

The focus of the health fair will be on the following, as it relates to our community and the
neighboring villages. Screening and teaching the community about health issues like:
Prostate cancer
Arthritis/Joint Disease

Screening only
Sickle Cell Disease(SCD)

Teaching(no screening)
Sexually Transmitted Disease

Volunteers are needed and I would encourage health care professionals to get involve.
Lab Technicians, Social Workers, Nursing assistant, Licensed Practical, Nurses, Registered
Nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses, Physicians and Physician's Assistant,
Physical Therapist,
Occupational Therapist(not needed we have volunteers).
Volunteers will choose area of expertise or interest to work.
Interactive Activities
Blood pressure monitoring
Cholesterol monitoring
Glucose monitoring
Prostate cancer screening
Asthma screening
HIV/AIDS screening
Sickle cell disease screening
Mobilty/exercise treatment

Teaching Activities
Hypertension/Cholesterol teaching
HIV/AIDS teaching and handing out condoms
Diabetes:insulin and glucose control
SCD: Genetic conselling

Please contact me by e-mail or cell phone 917-593-5442 for any
or questions.
Thank you

Christmas 2008