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Thibaud Reunion 2008

Welcome to the Thibaud Reunion Site

Mission Statement:
We are proud Dominicans and Thibaudites and would like to extend an open invitation to all who want to attend the Thibaud Reunion 2008.  During this reunion, we want to help unite our community and our country.

This site will provide you with all the information needed to ensure your attendance and participation at the Thibaud Reunion 2008.
Help us make Thibaud reunion a spectacular event, let us know what you think.

Although we all call various parts of the world home and are in various stages of our lives, we all have one thing in common, and that is, we all share the common Thibaud thread.
Some of us have been away from Thibaud for as much as 60 years, others have never visited, but have always wanted to visit. This is the time to make that journey, a journey which will be shared by many. The 2008 Thibaud Reunion.

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Our journey for this reunion began in the summer of 2006 and we are proud to say that Thibaud Reunion 2008 is right around the corner. Thanks to all of you for doing this from a grassroots initiative. We worked very hard together, we raised funds monthly, within our communitees in Thibaud and abroard. This type of grassroots movement is what makes the Thibaud Reunion unique. We have done this as a community and will celebrate as a community as well. Thanks to the power of the internet for bringing us much closer together.
We have demonstrated over the years that we don't need the accolades, we are all committeed to having a traditional Dominican Christmas, at the same time giving back to our community and celebrating with each other.
Thank you Thibaud for being a trendsetters with your planned activities and programs. We are proud to say that our efforts to set up an education fund at the inception of our group, for the our youth have been echoed by some of the villages and we are proud that education has taken on a bigger theme for most of the reunions in Dominica.

Let's Make Thibaud Reunion 2008 Great!


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We have included a map of Dominica to help you with logistical issues.

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Christmas 2008