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Thibaud Reunion 2008

Education Committee


New York Group's Education Initiative

Education of our youth is one of the most fundamental platform at the Thibaud Reunion. At every level within the very fabric of our community, we realize how education plays a very significant part. In order to help encourage our young ones to strive for excellence through education, we realize that we need to supply them with the tools required to make a difference in their lives.
The New York Committe has already donated educational items to the preschool and is scheduled to make further donations to the elementary school, as well as the resource center. We have received quite a few educational materials including books, CDs, a CD player, computers, writing materials among other things and we are still accepting donations. We realize that it takes more than avillage to raise a child, and we gladly accept gently used books on various subject areas, novels, reference books, guides, self help books, computers, note books, just to name a few.
Our ultimate goal is to set up a foundation where we can continue to furnish the school with state of the art equipment, assist students to go to high school, university, and that every home with school age children in the village will have access to a computer. We know that our ideas are very ambitious, however, Rome was not built in one day and we are willing to work very hard towards our goal.
We have also identified children in the village that will need our help in order to attend preschool. We are committeed to supporting them in any way that we are able to.
We are also grateful for the many people who have opened not only their libraries, but also their wallets and purses, attended our fundraisers and have also hosted fundraisers on our behalf. A special thanks to Tamatha Hass form Westchester, New York, who hosted a fabulous mother's day cocktail on our behalf, and raised money as well as had the moms donate book and educational supplies.
We definitely will need the support of the larger community to see that our children are not left behind in this fast paced technologically savy world, and can play an active role in whatever career choice they choose.
If you would like more information on how you can help please feel free contact Trevor or Mayma, or you can donate as little as you can on this website (see below). Thank you.








Essay and poem competition
We would like to challenge our children to participate in an essay and poem competition. This competition is open to both the children abroad and those in Thibaud.
There are two categories a) ages 7-10 and b)12 -15
Essay topic:  What does the Thibaud Reunion 2008 means to me.
Poem: Why I love Thibaud
Please state your name, age, residence, and your roots in Thibaud.

Support our young people

Christmas 2008