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Thibaud Reunion 2008

Press releases

December 21st, 2008


Thibaud Reunion is Finally here


After years of planning, connecting, and fundraising, this week marks the opening of the 2008 Thibaud Reunion. Set to open following on the heels of a spectacular and very successful launching in early February this year, the planned events promises to be just as astounding.

During the formal opening, which was be held on Saturday, December 20th there was a parade through the village of representatives from the various geographical regions within the Diaspora celebrating their Thibaud roots and showcasing their adopted country by waving both flags. Other participants included the Miss Reunion pageant contestants, the Thibaud Flag wavers and cheerleaders, the Thibaud cultural group and soccer team as well as other groups within the community.

The parade ended on the Hugh Fabien Park where the various groups within the Diaspora gave a brief introduction of their group and the project that they supported. The crowd also heard from the Prime Minister and Parliamentary Representative for the Vieille Case Constituency, the Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit, various cabinet members, and national and local Government officials.

There were also performances by Daddy Chess and De Hunter, the Thibaud Cultural Group - both the adults and children, and Joey Augustine and the ReignJah band who helped to orchestrate the Thibaud Reunion theme songs, among others. The event was broadcast live on Kairi FM, and shown on Marpin and GIS television.

In official opening, the Thibaud Reunion Committee had previously identified three “welcome our guests” days, Wednesday the 16th to Friday the 19th, to welcome visitors to Thibaud at various ports of entry.

The visitors were greeted with cultural dances, local snacks and a personal welcome by the Miss Reunion Pageant contestants, and provided with informational packages on the reunion activities. Visitors were also shuttled to the village and various accommodation facilities, where they reconnected with family members and friends.

Among the other activities and events on the program was an enormous Christmas Party on Sunday which is one of the projects supported by the South Florida Committee and sponsored by Kairi FM, a Health Symposium, where the Thibaud residents and those of neighboring villages will be tested for HIV, prostate cancer, Diabetes, and sickle cell among other types of diseases. On Sunday morning there was an ecumenical service followed by a gospel concert in the evening.

The Miss Reunion pageant sponsored by Digicel, will be held on the 22nd.  The prizes included a Dell laptop computer provided by the
New York group, a Blackberry Curve sponsored by Stewart and Mayma Raphael, a desktop computer sponsored by Martin Francois, handheld phones and topup cards by Digicel;  On Christmas day there will be a band splash featuring some of Dominica’s best performers, and a Christmas tree lighting competition. Other activities will include market day with a difference, Jour Ouvert, Feast of the Sick and Aged, and many other great activities.

Reunion will climax on the 30th with a gala night and award ceremony, where various people within the Thibaud community will be honoured; entertainment will be provided by Dominica’s own Swinging Stars.

The reunion planning was executed based on a system that created unprecedented participation from the Thibaud community both within the Diaspora and in Thibaud. The initiative was solely based on grassroots intensity, where many people of Thibaud origin or friends of Thibaud were engaged in the process. This type of approach not only highly facilitated the participation of the community but it also made everyone feel like they were being part of the process.

The various geographical groups each chose one or two projects to complete and they raised funds to support the entire planning and implementation of their respective projects. For example the
New York group, which made education its objective, built a library within the Thibaud Primary School that can be accessed not only by the primary school students, but also by the secondary school students.

We would like to invite everyone to Thibaud to celebrate with us and to experience our unique Dominican Christmas.

Reunion Launching

Hundreds of people descended upon the tiny village of Thibaud, on Sunday, February 3rd to mark the official launching of the Thibaud Reunion 2008 which will be held from December 19th – 30th this year.

The event which was carried live on Kari FM and Marpin Television, was one of utter celebration and unity despite the initial heavy down pour of rain.

The crowd was greeted by the warm and festive color of orange, which not only created a colour spectacular but also showed loyalty among the people of Thibaud.

The celebration was held under a few tents at the Hugh Fabien’s Park and showcased Thibaud’s cultural rebirth, where the adults and children of the community presented two cultural dances.

They had been working on this in association with the ministry responsible for cultural development and sponsored by the Vieille Case Credit Union.

Additionally, there were performances by the Thibaud Reunion Cheerleaders and Flagwavers, as well as the launching of The Miss Reunion pageants: Lisa Honore, Kendra Lovell, Jessica Nelson, Marsha Remie and Nerissa Thomas.

Various members of committees throughout the Diaspora, including Cecillia Ettiene and John Bruney from South Florida, Charlotte Letang from Guadeloupe, Matilda Gilbert from St. Croix, Mayma Massicot from New York and Leo Paul from Antigua conveyed well wishes and greetings from their committee members.

The representatives spoke about the various projects they are working on, in addition to what type of fund raising activities they had been involved in.
The crowd was addressed by the Prime Minister, the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, Mr. Herbert Charles, the National Reunion Committee Chairman, and Chair person of the Thibaud Village Council, Ms. Nicole Sambar.

Skerrit reiterated how proud he was of the Thibaud Community for the effort they are making towards a successful reunion.

He also mentioned that the initial infrastructure development plans for Thibaud will start the ground breaking phase immediately. These projects include the resurfacing of the roads, a park project and replacing the water system.

Mr. Charles mentioned that he was very happy to see the unity of the community and the coherence of the orange colour. Meanwhile Ms. Sambar welcomed everyone to Thibaud and mentioned the pledged support from the village council to do whatever it takes to make Thibaud Reunion splendid.

Mr. Matthew Walters, Minister of Agriculture, was one of the many invited persons present. There were also various village council chair persons from northern villages.

The ceremony was cohosted by Emille Paben Serran and the cordinator of the Thibaud Reunion Theresa Royer. The Prime Minister was presented with a plaque by the South Florida committee to commemorate his trip to Miami last year.

The Reunion was officially launched by the Prime Minister, at the release of 30 balloons marking Dominica’s 30 years of independence and concluded with a show of fire works.

DVDs of the event will be on sale soon. For more information contact Mrs. Theresa Royer at 767.445.5998 or Angeline Depooter at 767.448.4012. Way to go Thibaud.
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By the Thibaud Reunion public relations committee

For Immediate Release



Thibaud, Dominica January 2008 - After over almost 2 years of planning and fundraising, the Thibaud Reunion 2008 will have its official awareness launching on Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 at 1:30 p.m. at Thibaud’s Hugh Fabien Park.  A parade through the village with the Reunion pageants, flag wavers, cheerleaders, delegates from various regions abroad, various political persons as well as people within the community is scheduled. The parade will climax at the Hugh Fabien Park where there will be performances, speeches from Prime Minister the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, The National Reunion coordinator, Mr. Hubert Charles, The Minister of Community Development, Mrs. Loreen Bannis Roberts, the coordinator of the reunion committee, Mrs. Theresa Royer, the chair person of the village council, Ms. Nichole Samba, among others, followed by a launching party.


The actual Reunion is December 19th – 31st, 2008, and will focus on enriching the Thibaud community as well as the celebration of traditional Dominican Christmas. There will be a health expo/symposium which will be hosted by the health committee, a recognition and gala night, hosted by the awards and gala committee, the children’s feast sponsored by the South Florida committee. Regional committees have also taken on various projects within Thibaud to enhance or to build from scratch. For example: the New York Committee has taken on education as its platform and has already contributed various educational items to the preschool and have decided to sponsor families who cannot afford to send their children to preschool. The St. Croix committee has adopted a project of putting railings on a bridge and road that leads to a hamlet in Thibaud and the South Florida Committee will facilitate “extreme home makeovers” within the village.


Thibaud Reunion 2008 is a time for people to have fun, so there will be a band splash, gospel concert, caroling, jour ouvert, Miss Reunion pageant, Reunion Idol among other festivities. During this time Thibaud will host the daughter of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz, Ms. Ilyasah Shabazz, who will help us strategize on various education and youth initiatives within our community. Ms. Shabazz, an educator herself, shares similar ideals as her parents. She believes strongly that education of the youth is the cornerstone to a community’s advancement.


Plans for the Thibaud Reunion 2008 commenced in mid 2006 and has been gradually gaining momentum as people within the Diaspora saw the very efficient way the Reunion was organized. From the onset, the first part of the reunion planning was to brainstorm with people from Thibaud both at home and abroad, the second part was to create a website which has been instrumental in getting people to form and join committees, attend fundraising events and to share their ideas.  The third part was to elect a reunion coordinator, established effective committees and sub committees to facilitate participation. There are also 2 chart topping songs that Reign Jah, a Thibaud Band out of New York has created and produced for the Reunion.


To date the reunion committees within the Diaspora have raised tens of thousands of dollars and they are still raising more funds throughout 2008.  The funds will be used for the various projects that have been identified within the community, to host a very generous “fete tis innosance”, a celebration for the children, as well as a day for the elderly.  Proceeds from the reunion will be used for charity projects in Thibaud long after the reunion is over. The  Thibaud community welcomes all to the reunion launching as well as the reunion during the 2008 Christmas holiday.



For more information please visit the Thibaud Reunion website or email us at or call Mrs. Theresa Royer at 767-445-5998.


Christmas 2008