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Thibaud Reunion 2008

Reunion and travel tips

Here are some tips for a successful Reunion


Reunion Tips


So you have decided that December 2008 you want to attend the Thibaud Reunion. Congratulations! You and many other people will make the pilgrimage to Thibaud. Before you get there, there are a few things that you may want to consider.


  1. Let’s play genius and say that it is going to cost you approximately US$800. per person to be part of this fantastic event. I am sure some of you are bigger spenders, and may want to splurge on a few items, gala event, some souce, lots of souvenirs for your co-workers. in fact a matador doll for you boss, for giving you the extra time off. Then the average price per person will be more. Or if you are based in Guadeloupe, then this calculation definitely does not apply to you.


Well what if you have a family of four, and no one is under 2 years of age, who could qualify to get the free airplane ride, (Even though little Johnny is still drinking in a Borbor and he still uses a binky, that does not mean he is still a baby. You would still have to pay full fare). Then you must start saving ASAP, even before you get the time off from your boss. If you are able to put away $20. per week, you will be on your way, and it makes it less of a financial burden. Also when you receive your income tax check, hold off on buying that big screen TV, it will cost less in the next 3 years, so put some of that money towards your travel arrangements and some spending money for the Thibaud 2008 Reunion. Trust me it will be worth every penny, or pesos, or pence, or franc, or whatever form of currency you use.  Good Luck!


  1. Many of you are having sleepless nights trying to figure out how to get time off from your boss. Well, we know that you cannot use the excuse that your grandmother died. You have already used it 3 times and I think that most people have 2 grandmothers.  Some of you could tell your boss that you are going to a reunion and they may be just fine with it, great! You have a very understanding boss, and you have worked hard all these years and he or she is just fine with giving some time off. Hat’s off to you. However, there may be a minority of you with company policies that resemble Alcatraz, and there is no way anyone is getting any minute off during the holiday season. You may just want to try a different approach.




  1. For the convenience of you and your family, I advice you to send a barrel home ahead of time with grocery and all the goodies and comfort you may need to make you stay a success.  If you know that little Johnny only drinks similac formula, then be sure to send some in a barrel ahead of time. Don’t wait till last minute to stuff your luggage with ten bottles of formula, making your luggage extremely heavy.  You can also use the service of


  1. O.K. you have a few personal goals to meet before you get to Thibaud. Don’t stress yourself, just pace yourself, don’t go crazy, and try to push yourself too hard. You are going to be surrounded by friends and family, and we are all going to have a great time and make this reunion memorable. We are all family. Let’s all look forward to a Great Thibaud Reunion 2008!


  1. We all know that Dominica is a haven for those pesky little blood suckers, so prepare accordingly.  Please stock up on tones of mosquito repellant such as Avon’s Skin So Soft. This will make your stay more enjoyable.


  1. Please make sure that all your travel documents are in order. With the new immigration regulations and restrictions please prepare accordingly.  We would hate for you to prepare for this amazing trip and then realize 2 days before you leave that your passport has expired. That would be a disaster.


  1. Those of you, who do not believe in communal transportation, please make car rental reservations ASAP. Remember that during the holiday season, other Dominicans visit Dominica in swarms, and they are all thinking the same thing you are thinking ‘I need a ride to get around”.  If you have not driven in Dominica for the past 10 years, you may want to get a freshener course on some remote, meandering, narrow road, you will be up to speed before you know it. 
  2. Housing is a major issue for many. There are are few houses available and those interested are ask to contact Mr. Lipson Massicot at 767.445.5908 or 767.260.1690.
  3. Please be adviced that most airlines are charging for luggage. In order to limit the amount of money spent on luggage we reccommend that you limit your carry on pieces as well as checked in luggage.
  4. Do not forget to sign up on a commitee. Volunteer for at least one day. Each coordinator will send out request within the next few months.

Christmas 2008