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Thibaud Reunion 2008

Why should I attend

There is another reunion in 2008, so why should I attend the Thibaud Reunion?

Thibaud Reunion 2008 is in itself self explanatory. We hope that everyone with roots in Thibaud will attend. This is an opportunity to see and socialize with people you have not seen in many years. It is an opportunity to get to know family members and your family history and furthermore to support our community and make a difference.
Why December and not October?
There was a general concensus that December is the best time to have the reunion during the family oriented holiday season:
The kids will be out of school, most people get vacation during the December break, people are more relax and furthermore we are all nostalgic about those lovely Christmas celebrations we used to have in Thibaud.
If we were to plan it in October around the very spectacular national reunion that is already happening in Dominica, most of us would be in Roseau "where the action is" and would hardly come up to Thibaud to celebrate a Thibaud Reunion. 
This reunion is going to be so great that we need 2 full weeks to host all the wonderful activities we have planned.
We want it to be spectacular, we want it to be unique.
We want to do it Thibaud Style.

Don't miss this history making event!

Christmas 2008