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Thibaud Reunion 2008

About Thibaud

Thibaud is located in the Northern part of Dominica. One of the most beautiful Communities on the island. Its geographical features makes it one of the most unique.

Hamlets in Thibaud

Polinere, Morne Savon. Gomier, Blenheim, Lawideye or Back Street
Libenie or Lovers Lane
Morne Soleil or Upraising City
Church Street
Main Street

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Wonderful view of Thibaud


This is a view of Thibaud from Polinere

Areas of interest

La Souse, Tou Gembo
Catholic Church
Pentecostal Church
Health Centre
Thibaud Primary School - Includes a Library and Computer Centre
Resource Centre to be officially opened

Who was your favorite principal in Thibaud
Mrs. Dyrample
Ms. Walter
Mrs. Clara Sylvain
Mrs. Andre
Mr. Austrie
Mr. Leslie
Ms. Margaret Romain free polls

Our Location

Thibaud is location just 20 minutes from Portsmouth and 35 Minutes from Melville Hall Airport.
For the Thibaud Reunion 2008 transportation will be available  from the airport into Thibaud.

Christmas 2008