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Thibaud Reunion 2008

Volume 8

November 25th, 2007

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Recent Newsletter


Launching date revised and confirmed


The Thibaud Reunion Committee has set a firm date for the official launching of the Thibaud Reunion. It will be held on Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 in Thibaud.  The committee in Thibaud is urging all committees to send a representative, also those who will be in Dominica during that time are welcome to come patronize and celebrate with the community.  The committee would also like to get cheerleading uniforms and pom poms for the Thibaud flagwavers.


We are aslo proud to say that the Reunion 2008 calendar has been posted on the reunion calendar page. If there are any changes in the calendar we will make alterations an forward them to you.


More Successful meetings

Sunday, 18th November, 2007, the committee held another public meeting where an overwhelming number of villagers were present and more persons expressed their interest in coming onboard. A new secretary, Ms. Hillary Teed, a peace corps volunteer has been elected and will be furnishing us with current updates.

The New York Committee is Making Progress


The New York executive committee was put in place, and are as follows:


President:  Trevor Victor

Vice President: Mr. Mark Clarke

Secretary: Claire Panthier & Carol Victor

Treasurer: Bernadette Andre-Wagner

Accountant: Pearl Douglas

At the next meeting on December 1st, The committee will also be holding an educational supplies drive, where members are urged to bring books, educational toys, paper, crayons, markers, charts, among other educational items that will help furnish the pre school as well as enhance the children’s environment to encourage learning.


There are a few students in the community who are not enrolled in the preschool program, as they are not able to make the financial commitment. Therefore, four members of the New York committee have decided to adopt these kids and supply them with the monthly payments as well as uniform and supplies, in order that they are able to attend school.


We are also pleased to announce that the dedicated Ms. Bannis has returned to the preschool to continue her long teaching engagement.  Ms. Bannis has been at the preschool for over 30 years and continue to selflessly, and with limited funds, nurture the minds of our young leaders of tomorrow. Hats off to Ms. Bannis.


The next meeting


The reunion meeting is set for  Saturday DECEMBER 1st at Rosie Andre-Wagner's resident. Be sure to attend as your ideas and thoughts are what we need to make this reunion memorable. If you are able to please bring a new or used educational item, such as books, crayons, etc.
Time: 7:30PM

273 Mary Lou avenue, Yonkers NY 10703


St. Croix's Fundraiser event a HUGE success
Congratulations to the St. Croix committee for executing such an amazing event. The committee held a fundraising dinner on October 27th, and it was their most successful to date, as it was a sold out event.
They did not leave any stones unturned where the details were concerned. With the help of a live steel band ochestra, a solo saxaphonist, an appetizing, well thought out menu, as well as a well dressed wait staff, the event was the talk of the country. There were also highlights of Dominican culture, as well as video of Dominica on continuous play throughout the event. They raised in excess of $3000. towards their reunion 2008 project.
Well done St. Croix.

Logo and theme revision requested
Due to the design of the logo chosen not being entirely unique to the Thibaud Reunion (some of the graphics are from a reunion software which was edited), the reunion committee in Thibaud has requested a new logo competition that will include exclusively customized artwork and also a theme for the reunion.
We would like all the committees or any individuals who would like to submit a logo or theme to do so by December 2nd, and email it to us in order that we can post it promptly, so that we the overseas community can vote on it.  We will also get the results from the Thibaud Reunion Committee and let you know which design was the most favorable.  So get busy and submit your entries. Please submit artwork in black and white jpeg or gif format.

Launching date revised and confirmed
More Successful meetings
Holiday fundraising dinner and dance
New York Committee making progress
Miss Reunion contestant needed
Logo and theme revision requested
St. Croix's fundraising a huge success
Fundraising in New York
The Reunion Calendar is confirmed
Miss Wob Dwiyet Thibaud connection
Village council Chairwoman selected
Health Symposium Details
Florida continues to make great strides


Holiday Fundraising dinner and dance


There will also be an Official Reunion dinner and dance, “Christmas Party”, held in Thibaud on Saturday, December 29th, at the school. Tickets are EC $100. Anyone needing ticket, or would like to help should contact Mrs. Theresa Royer or Mrs. Roslyn Cannoville. This is one of the major fundraising events towards the Reunion, and the committee estimates that the turnout will be great. The community would like to inform anyone traveling to Thibaud during that time to bring decorations, i.e. balloons, strimmers, ribbons, holiday lights, ornaments among other decorating ideas. They are also in need of decorative holiday napkins, paper plates, shaffing dishes, etc.  In the event that you or someone you know are not traveling and would like to send these items, you are welcome to contact the reunion committee chair in Thibaud, Mrs. Theresa Royer or Mr Trevor Victor who will advice you on how to go about sending packages.  If you need clarification on what is needed for the dinner, you may also contact Mrs. Jesse Bruney, who is incharge of menu and decor.

New York Fundraiser


The New York committee will be holding a fund raising dinner and dance at the Andre-Wagner residence in Westchester, New York on Saturday, December 22. Anyone who lives in the Tri-State area and would love to attend is welcome to contact Mrs. Bernadette Andre-Wagner or Ms. Claire Panthier who will provide them with additional information:

Congratulations to Miss Wob Dwiyet
Tara Honore, whos mother, Theresa “Sister” is from Thibaud has been crowned this years Miss Wob Dwiyet.

Village Council Chairwoman
Congratulations and well wishes are in order for Ms. Nichole Samba, who was selected by the Minister for Community Development to be the chairwoman of Thibaud. She was inaugurated earlier this month.
We extend a warm welcome to her in her new position, and we also welcome her support and committment to the Thibaud Reunion 2008 project. We know that she will do a great job in assisting the committee in their undertaking, in making the Reunion 2008 project a success.

Florida continues to make great strides
Florida's largest fundraising was the Fry Nite event held on the Friday before Miami's carnival. The event was well attended and many of the guest came in from out of states. Thousands of dollars were raised for the Reunion 2008 project.
Thank you South Florida for continuing to be the leader in raising funds. We realize that your group is infact the largest, however we appreciate your commitment to the Thibaud Reunion2008.
According to Tessa Paul: 
We remain fully committed toward the Thibaud Reunion Project.  Our # 1 goal is FUNDRAISING until the end.  We having a FRY NITE Fundraising event on Dec, 22nd @ Roselyn Lockart; 2259 Funston St, Hollywood Florida.  Great food and drinks will be on sale. We are pleased  to announce our toy drive for the  Reunion Kids Party. If anyone wish to donate an unwrap toy, please bring it @ our December event. We also have some great projects lined up for the New Year. Will keep you posted. If you wish to contact us via

Health Symposium details
Ms. Arlette Paul, the person incharge of the Health care symposium is reaching out to our community. In a recent interview with her she stressed on the importance of reaching out to the community, and helping to educate and screen them on various illnesses especially those that plague our Black community. Ms. Paul, who is a nurse practitioner herself has seen first hand the devestation that illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetis, heart disease among others has riddled our communities. During the Thibaud Reunion 2008 she is making a special plea to all who would like to volunteer.
The health symposium is going to be grand. We will be educating and screening people within and beyond our community. Volunteers are needed. Health care professionals are encouraged to get involve.
Lab Technicians, Social Workers, Nursing assistant, Licensed Practical, Nurses, Registered
Nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses, Physicians and Physician's Assistant, Physical Therapist,
Occupational Therapist (not needed we have volunteers already).
Volunteers will choose area of expertise or interest to work.

Contact Ms. Paul directly at
Please see the Health Symposium page for more information.

Click here

Reunion contestants needed
Two more Reunion contestants are needed for the Miss Reunion show during Thibaud Reunion 2008. Contestants should be between the ages of 16-21 and should have roots in Thibaud.  Please email us at

More photos from Thibaud

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