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Thibaud Reunion 2008

Volume 2

Thibaud Reunion Gazette

Volume 2

February 10, 2007

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Recent Newsletter


The Thibaud Gazette

Edition 2

A foot in the Right Direction

Both the Thibaud and Abroad committees are making dedicated moves to help make the Thibaud Reunion 2008 a success.  The Abroad Committee has appointed Trevor Victor as the President of the Overseas Team.

Mr. Victor has been in the communication and planning stages with the Thibaud Reunion Committee members in Thibaud for a few months now, and has been instrumental in getting them to the planning stages.

Mr. Victor's role is to oversee all the committees and their activities to ensure a unified approach and a common theme for the event. Additionally, he will provide support to the committees abroad and their respective objective (e.g., fundraising, shipping, logistics, journal publications, etc.).

Some of the committee leaders have been identified.  We are still waiting for additional volunteers in different areas.

Please visit soon for more information. 



This letter was sent out by the Mr. Trevor Victor last week to the Thibaud community abroad.



Thibaud Community

Family Members and Friends


February 8, 2007


Dear Villagers,



I wish a Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone. It is of great excitement that I greet you on behalf of my family and the Thibaud Village council.

Some of you may have already heard the whisper through the grapevines however I believe this letter from us to you will confirm the fact that our small community has a plan in the works for the long awaited village reunion.

It is with this pleasure that I extend this invitation to you to join us in coming home during the Christmas holidays of 2008. There are various committees being set up in a city near you so pick one or more to work with and make a contribution in time, talent or donations etc. You may very well set up one of your own and reach out to your friends and be sure to invite them along.

Allow me to take this moment to thank the committee leaders who have stepped up and help transform this effort from conception to manifestation. You are the catalyst.

For your information the following persons have volunteered to head various committees in their respective cities.

Toronto ---Alvin Benjamin

New York  and Gala/Awards ---- Pearl Douglas

Sports & entertainment ----- Jeffrey Bruney

Health ----- Arlette Paul

 Talent show and Public Relations ----Mayma Massicot

Florida --- John Bruney

St. Croix  --- Merlyn Massicot

Gaudeloupe ---- Michel Bontiff


We favor your suggestions and input through these committees and look forward to a successful reunion. Be sure to contact the committee leader in the city near you or me directly at for further information. Visit the Thibaud Community at our updated website:


Best Regards,

Trevor Victor

President Overseas Team 



cc:       The Thibaud Reunion Committee

            Thibaud Dominica

Table of Contents

Update on the planning in Thibaud

Meeting with Thibaud the community at large
Overseas Team leader welcome letter

The community of Thibaud will be raising funds in the community on Saturday, February 17. The  community is planning on a village wide sale of fresh provisions and vegetables  as well as other non perishable items.
So far the response has been very positive and rain or shine they will be continuing with the event.

The Executive committee will be chairing a meeting, Sunday, February 11, with the Thibaud community to discuss further plans for the Reunion.
We will keep you posted with the outcome of this meeting.

Cordinator's Corner

Mrs. Theresa Royer, President of the Thibaud Committee in Thibaud and her executive committee members met on Thursday, February 8, to discuss the main goal of the reunion. Mrs. Royer and her dream team identified such goals. "The main focus of the reunion is to unite the Thibaud community, create a sense pride and patriotism in the community and Dominica, family reunification and heritage building, to bring people back to the community who have been away for numerous years and also to help build a memorial infrastructure that would be a remembrance of such a significant and history making event," according to Mrs. Royer.
Mrs. Royer also mentioned that the momentum in Thibaud is very positive and the villagers are showing interest in participating in all aspects. "We in Thibaud have started the ground breaking stages and we want to get an early lead on the planning and execution  process." ..."we also want to thank those who have already volunteered their time and resources to help us move forward."
There have been a few discussions on what can be done in the community to raise funds, some of it is already underway.

Christmas 2008