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Thibaud Reunion 2008

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Recent Newsletter

Thibaud Reunion Gazette

January 21, 2007


The Thibaud Reunion Gazette

January 27, 2007

Thursday January 25th was the initial kick off meeting in Thibaud Primary School to start discussions for the Thbaud Reunion 2008.
It was very well attended despite the rain and lots of discussions were generated.
The Thibaud Executive Committee was also put in place.
The members are as follows:
Mrs. Theresa Royer, Cordinator
Mr. Arthur Massicot, Deputy Cordinator
Mrs. Bernadine Augustine, Secretary
Mrs. Roslyn Canoville, Treasurer
Ms. Frances Royer, Public Relations Officer
There were also various committees and leaders appointed names and committees will be matched soon. 
These people have signed up to assist as Committee members.
Mr. Lipson Massicot
Mr.Paul Francois
Mr.Cuthbert Matthew
Mr. Bernard Bontiff

Travel updates

The two main travel dates the Thibaud Committee is focusing on is Friday, December 19th and Saturday December 20th.

Some members of the New York Committee have began talks with appropriate parties to discuss flight arrangement for both days to leave from Puerto Rico to Dominica at a reduced cost.  Most flights from North America connect in Puerto Rico so it would be best to have these arrangements made from Puerto Rico.

More on this subject will be forthcoming.

Table of Contents
Kick off meeting in Thibaud
Committee members appointed
Next meeting scheduled
Some ideas for fundraising in various City Committees
Cordinator's Corner

What can I do to help raise money?
You can send goods to sell
You can supply a cell phone or cell phone cards
You can also send cash
You can send something like a compuuter or a television to raffle
You can design a logo for the Reunion
You can help with creating an ad for radio and television
Please send us your ideas.

Next week's meeting will be held on Sunday February 4th, and will include some of our Thibaud community in Roseau.

Early assistance is on the way
Our organization welcomes all who want to participate.
Marva Massicot and Pearl Douglas of the Toronto and New York Committees respectively have showed interest in summer fundraising events.
Mayma Massicot has offered to send stationery so that the Thibaud Committee can communicate professionally with various government official and people in the business community to help get stuff done.
Some of the suggestions have been to have barbecues and charge a fee for food or drinks or both. 
Cordinator's Corner
Mrs.Theresa Royer has expressed her appreciation for the Thibaud reunion project, and is delighted to be the coordinator for the 2008 Reunion. She has noted that she is very excited about the posibility of making this reunion a success, and has expressed that she will work hard to make sure the planning is efficient and productive.  According to Mrs. Royer "We are very excited about this reunion, we hope that all can attend and make it very memorable".
Mrs. Royer mentioned that in order to help with the expense of creating a very well planned reunion, the community needs a working capital to help with the initial planning and coordinating. So if there is anything you can do to help with making this event a success please contact the committee' coordinator directly or the editor of the website.
The cordinator can be reached at 767.445.5998

Christmas 2008