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Thibaud Reunion 2008

Volume 3

Thibaud Reunion Gazzette
Volume 3
February 25, 2007

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Recent Newsletter


The Thibaud Gazzette

Kudos to the Thibaud Reunion 2008 Committee.
The Thibaud Reunion Committee fundrasing efforts on Saturday, February 17th, were very successful. Many villagers donated provisions, vegetables, other food items, clothing and household items, which were sold at an all day event in the village.
The Committee raised over $400. and will use the proceeds to fund other fundraising efforts for larger returns.
Mrs. Theresa Royer, the Thibaud Reunion Coordinator, mentioned that "the community is very thrilled about the upcoming reunion and it also shows in the tremendous support they have given us." Mrs. Royer also mentioned that the Thibaud Committee is planning another fundraiser in the near future.
Reunion Village Plans are underway
Plans for a Reunion Village is also being discussed. Mrs. Royer  pointed out that a Reunion Village would make it convinient to host some of the activities and to have a central meeting point during the Reunion festivities.
The location for the Reunion Village has been identified. The committee would like the Reunion Village built at Sandwich Beach, closer to the street. Anyone with ideas or resources related to the Reunion Village or any other project can contact the Thibaud Reunion Committe Abroad or please call Mrs. Royer at 767-445-5998.
Coordinator's Corner
According to Mrs. Royer, "we want to continue to raise funds, and we hope that the Committees abroard can start doing the same. Many individuals have also called us about sending items  to raffle or sell. We appreciate all your efforts and we would like to continue to work towards a very successful and memorable Thibaud Reunion."
We will continue to keep you posted on any new developments. 


Committee changes

Note that we have merged the Education and Health Committees.  The idea was brought up by Mr. Rudy Royer. After looking at both committees and reviewing the involvement of both, we realize that they both can be combined and it would be a very effective merged committee. 

Table of Contents

Fundraising effort a success
Reunion Village plans
Coordinator's corner
Committee updates
Contributed tools and resources
Last poll results

Message board

Resources and contributions
We have added a message board  to our website. Please click on link above to go to Message board directly, or you can access it from the navigation bar.
We have received lots of emails from individuals who want to help in any capacity. Among some of those emails was one from Yohan aka Martin Francois who have designed and set up a toolbar for our community. This tool can be used by committee members who want to communicate and save on long distance communication, or people in the community who just want to catch up without paying for long distance calls.
Please see letter below. 
I am yohan aka martin,
I have bundled together a toolbar which might be an additional tool for communication, it is safe, it also have a pop-block, if you elect to turn it on, it must be downloaded to your computer, it hardly occupies any space on your hard drive, it might be a great tool for chating, conference/meetings and etc.  I promise it is safe. Try it out and see how it works.

Poll results

The results are in:  The hamlet in Thibaud that our community members feel is the most beautiful is Lawedeye by 32% of the votes, followed by Libenie with 23% of the votes, and Polinier, Morne Savon and Down the Village all took in third place with 14% of the votes. Morne Savon placed 4th.

Please vist the About Thibaud page to view this week's poll.

Christmas 2008