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Thibaud Reunion 2008

Volume 4

Volume 4

April 21, 2007

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Recent Newsletter


Here are some of the few topics we will be discussing in this newsletter.
Fundraising in Thibaud
Reunion project gets support
Beach cleanup and Bash
Shipment issues addressed
South Florida Committee great example

May Beach Bash
This May Day, Sandwich Beach in Thibaud will come alive with a Beach Bash. The festivities will include games, food, drinks and socializing. Everyone is invited to bring their families to Thibaud, especially those with roots in Thibaud.
In preparation for this event, the Young Action Club has taken on the responsibility of cleaning up the beach.
If any one needs further information or need to participate in cleaning up the beach or just want come to Thibaud and have a great time, and participate in this amazing fundraiser, please contact Frances Royer at .

Shipping Issues Addressed
In the last committee meeting, the issue of shipping was addressed and resolved. You are welcome to contact Ms. Frances Royer who will give you instructions on how to go about shipping barrels or boxes to the Thibaud Reunion 2008 Committee.
Please contact Frances at for any further information.

South Florida Committee sets an example.
Well we have to say "BIG UP" to the South Florida team.  They have formed a very organized and excited committee.  They are on their way to very successful fundraising efforts, and may have the most people represented at the reunion in Thibaud.
How they did it:
Word went out that there was going to be a reunion in Thibaud, they quickly contacted each other to confirm and indeed it is a fact.  Everyone was excited and asking how can they help make the reunion a success.
They immediately assigned a committee leader, Mr. John Bruney who was in dialogue with Trevor Victor the team leader for the abroad communities. A few weeks later, one of the elders in the community offered her home to host the official first meeting. Unfortunately, the timing was wrong, Easter Sunday, and the turn out was not as great, so they immediately rescheduled for the next Sunday, same time and place.  The numbers trippled, and there were over 30 people in attendance.
With the leadership of the Committee's leader, they then got down to business and assigned various committee positions:
John Bruney, President
Cecelia Ettiene, Vice president
Nathanie George Francois, Treasurer
Tessa Paul, Secretary
Michael Massicot, Public Relations Officer
They have the support of the entire Thibaud / South Florida community, who has already signed on to host and organize the Children's Christmas party.
According to committee members, "As a group, the Miami Committee has decided to take on the children's Christmas party. We intend to leave no stones unturned and pull all the stops to make this party all about the kids. Most of us have children and they have all showed interest in assisting in making the party fun for the children"
Mr. Bruney the team's leader has also sent a barrel with clothing items and is schedule to send another barrel to assist with more fundraising efforts in Thibaud.
The Florida team is now in the process of organizing a huge barbeque on Memorial Day weekend to raise funds for various reunion projects.  According to Michael Massicot, publicity personel, "we are targeting all Dominicans living in South Florida to come and support us. This is not just going to be a Thibaud barbeque, but it is open to all friends of Thibaud and people of Thibaud heritage alike, and we have quite a few Dominicans and even non Dominicans here who are willing to support us."
We will keep you posted on the results of this massive fundraiser and many more to come.
We encourage all the communities to get together and start organizing, fundraising and planning.  If there are any resources you need, do not hesitate to contact the team leader for the overseas committee, Mr Trevor Victor at .

Fundraising in Thibaud

The Thibaud reunion committee, has been working tirelessly to help bring the villagers together and support the reunion efforts.  The response from the villagers has been overwhemingly positive. On April 7th there was another fundraiser held in the village which included "bring and buy" as well as, the sale of chicken, roast plantain and acra. The event was a success.

According to Ms. Frances Royer the Publicist in Thibaud "The villagers were very supportive of our efforts, and even though some of them did not want what was being offered at our food stations they gave us the money for the item just to support the cause.  We are very grateful for their generousity." Ms. Royer went on to say that efforts are on the way for similar fundraising projects as it seems to be working.



Reunion project gets support
Persons of Thibaud heritage living in other parts of Dominica, are truly representing the spirit of giving.
Julia Thomas, an employee of Marpin TV for twenty something years, has shown tremendous interest in helping the Thibaud Reunion 2008 project get airtime on Marpin for advertising purposes, or getting messages out to targeted people. She was instrumental in posting an announcement on Marpin TV to let people of Thibaud heritage know that a meeting was being held for them. She will also assist Ms. Frances Royer in areas of publicity.
Mr. Pinard Joseph has also contacted his employer of twenty something years to donate a cellular phone to the cCommitttee chair in Thibaud so that they are able to receive and make calls freely. He has also showed interest in helping to supply backup generators.
Mr. Pius Thomas has also offered his services in capacity of shipping issues.
Mrs. Theresa Honore will assist with the entertainment issues. As we can remember, sister, as she is affectionately known has lead and aided the Paix Bouche community with many cultural  activities and they have been great successes. We are pleased to have such great talent on our team.
Other members of the Dominican committee not living in Thibaud and have signed up to aid in various capacities are Greg, Wayne Letang, Suzzette Letang, Alroy Seaman, Shirley Bruney among others.  We are delighted that they have all showed major interest and is helping towards making the Thibaud Reunion 2008 Great!

Christmas 2008